Tips for Students Who Need Help with Physics

Are you one of those students who find physics a subject to reckon with? Not everyone is gifted with a brain that can easily understand and learn the basic concepts and principles of physics and these less fortunate students need help with physics. Here are some tips for students who need help with physics.
Ask Questions. Some students do not like to ask questions for fear that they would be considered dull or slow learners. However, for teachers, students who ask questions are those whose minds work actively. If in doubt or if you cannot really understand the lesson, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Your teacher will appreciate it and will know that you are really interested in the subject. Questions can also stimulate other students to participate and this can enliven a dull and serious class.

Take Down Notes.
Fall In Love with Physics. Anything that you love doing becomes easy to do and this also applies to physics. But, how can a student fall in love with this subject? First, know the different applications of the subject in real life. Once you realize how physics have changed lives for the better you will learn to love this subject. Second, find interesting ways to learn physics. You can use graphics, diagrams, animations, and even comic strips. With these new attractions, you will most likely learn to love physics.
Be Resourceful. Many students just rely on their textbooks at all times but currently, there are plenty of facts about physics that can be found in the internet. Spend time doing some research on the latest discoveries in physics and you will find it easy to relate physics problems to real life situations. Your textbook contains limited information and if you want to expand your knowledge, the internet is overflowing with learning materials that will make students realize that learning physics is really fun instead of the usual notion that it is difficult and boring.


Don’t Give Up. Many students would just drop the subject but this will offer only temporary reprieve unless he shifts to a course that does not include the subject. The best thing to do is to try your best at all times. Do not ever think of dropping the subject because this will result to more difficulties. Instead, exert more effort to learn your lessons.

The Future of Education: Offline or Online?

More and more parents, teachers and students are now growing aware of the several opportunities that the Internet holds for them in the education sector.

futureWith online tutoring becoming a popular service among a greater population of people across the globe, easy and convenient education has now become a reality. The increasing number of registration on online education portals has raised the debate among many about the future of education. Will online education take over the traditional method of schooling or will the good old brick and mortar institutions prevail in the face of adversity? Here’s a look at the facts and figures and arguments that have been placed in this context:

• Advantages of online education are many

Sure! The advantages are many, but does online schooling do all the value addition in a student that an institution does? Online education allows a student access the information he requires on a subject from the comfort of his home. He receives personal attention from his tutor and has the opportunity to clarify his doubts on a personal level. He can also save costs by downloading study material for free or a nominal cost from the internet. He doesn’t have to browse through innumerable pages in books to research for information. These are a few of the several advantages that online tutoring brings with it.

• But does it lead to all round development of the child?

A brick and mortar institute, be it a school, college or university, provides exposure to a child by ways of interaction and communication with his teachers, seniors and peers. This helps in value addition to the education of the child by promoting all round development. One may argue that online tutoring too provides opportunity for interaction, but it is undeniable that the level of exposure provided by a school, college or university is way more that what the Internet can provide.

• So which of these will prevail in the end?

Surveys have shown that there has been an increase in the number of registrations for online tutoring in the past two years. Although there is a marked increase in the number of registrations, the fact remains that a large section of people still consider institutes such as schools, colleges and universities as the best place for education.

Online education is still in a very nascent stage and the technology awareness of a large section of people are still to be developed. There are several people who are still unaware of the concept called online tutoring.

future2This implies that although online tutoring has caught the fancy of the younger generation, who is more tech-savvy, the population of people still believing in schools and colleges is also significant. The growth of online education may be tremendous, but it will still take some time to win over the traditional mode of education. Another undeniable fact is that there are certain aspects of a degree that provides hands on experience to a student, which is completely not achievable through the Internet. This stands as the strongest point of traditional education.

How to Choose the Right Online Coaching Centre for CAT?

Preparing for the Common Aptitude Test? The first thing you should do is choose the right institute. The pressure of performing well in the test is tremendous in itself, and having to go through a number of catalogues and brochures to choose the right institute for coaching is additional pain.

online1If you have decided to take online classes, it is important that you pick out the right online coaching class so that it helps you in honing your skills better for the test. So now the question is, how do you decide which is the right online coaching centre for you? Here are a few tips that will help you take a systematic approach to choosing the right online coaching class:

• Research about the faculty: An online coaching centre with great faculty can help you achieve your goal much faster and better. Based on the location of your preference, do a little research on the teachers who take the coaching classes. If the faculty is good, you are sure to prepare better for the examination and perform better. Also check with your previous batches who the good faculty members are.

• Choose smaller batch sizes: Choosing a larger batch may result in the lack of individual attention. Even in online coaching classes it is important that you choose your batch carefully so that you get the time to interact with your tutor easily and get the chance to clarify your doubts and questions.

• Check the Study Material: Check the study material provided by the coaching centre. If you think the study material is comprehensive enough and can help you understand the topics better and solve problems more efficiently, you can rely on the coaching class. All institutes provide study material, but it is your prerogative to choose the right kind of classes for yourself to make most of the opportunity.

• Location: With online coaching centres, you do not have to worry about commuting to the location of your coaching centre. You can easily access study materials and attend classes from the comfort of your home. Also, you will easily be able to download the free educational material from the Internet, and save costs of buying heavy books for study purposes.

• Practice Tests: Practice tests are an important factor in determining the success of your preparation for the examination. Most centres provide an proctored environment so that you can take your tests without hindrances. You can check with students of other batches about the quality of the tests conducted by the online coaching centre you have chosen. You also need to check if these coaching institutes give you feedback in order to help you improve your scores.

online2• Check the number of test takers: You will find a number of institutes telling you that they can get you into the top colleges in the country with their comprehensive tests. However, it is important that you check the quality of the tests they take. Look for an institute where maximum number of people take their tests!

Advantage of online tutoring

With the advent of technology, everything that we know has now shifted to the digital world. From shopping to paying our bills, everything is just one click away! One of the biggest advantages of technology is the online availability of tutor facilities. So is online tutoring beneficial? What are the advantages of availing the services of an online tutor? Here’s a look:

onlinetutor1• No more geographical limitations

If you are looking for a good tutor for your child and can’t find one in your locality, do not worry. You can easily avail the services of an online tutor in this case. The tutor isn’t restricted by geographical boundaries, time zones or the difficulty of commuting. So he is available at your preferred time.

• Choose the best tutor

It takes a lot of effort on your part to zero in on one tutor who fits all the criteria you have set. However, in the digital world, you can meet a number of tutors on the subject that you require and also choose the right one for you.

• Better value

In the online world, tutors from all over the world have to compete to get business. In such a competitive atmosphere, these online tutors give you the best in terms of value. Several websites also use rankings based on user feedbacks to let prospective clients know which among the teachers is best.

• Easy and convenient

Think of it! You find the perfect tutor for your child without having to step out of your house! Could anything be more convenient? Also, you can meet and speak to the tutor face to face over the Internet and understand if he or she meets your expectations or not. Same is the case for your child, who will not have to move out to take lessons.

• 24×7 access to materials

Your child will now have access to study materials and other course refreshers 24×7 as the online tutors work for companies that have extensive libraries with huge collection of information throughout the day. Also, you can record lessons for further reference. So whenever your child has a doubt, you can easily refer to the recorded video and clarify his or her doubt.

So how does an online classroom work?

onlinetutor2Many speculate about the success and efficacy of an online classroom. But come to think of it, besides being easy and convenient, online classrooms give your child personalised attention to ensure that grasping of information and understanding of the subject is successfully achieved. For instance, an online English tutor will use tools such as a virtual whiteboard, share screens with students, upload audio and video files for better understanding of his students.
The sheer ease and efficacy of online classrooms is a factor that predicts that it would more popular among parents in the coming years. You can hire an online tutor, for instance an online English tutor, for your child by visiting some of the popular websites on the Internet.